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It seems that my name is too ordinary for people to spell correctly…  I know Neil is not a super common first name but it is common enough that most people have met or heard of a Neil.  Like Neil Diamond, Neil Young and Neil Armstrong.  The only two spellings I have seen are Neil (The correct one) and Neal (Not so correct but common).  Now let’s talk last name, “Clinch” is a word in the dictionary.  It is what you want your team to do at the end of the season just before playoffs.  People never get the last name right when you tell them Clinch they hear the more common Lynch.  I guess my little sister had enough of this as she Married Scott Lynch and became a Lynch.  Traitor!

I like to squash the misspelling of my name so that the misspelling doesn’t spread like a virus.  First someone misspells your name in an e-mail that someone else reads and thinks that is the correct spelling of you name then that get put on some phone list, database or blog…  The misspelling goes viral.

I’m going to Chicago for a Microsoft meeting to discuss how my company will redesign their Active Directory and Exchange infrastructure.  The corporate folks and the Microsoft people aren’t even trying to get my name right… OK they got the last name right…  Now I have seen Neil misspelled as Niel but I have never met a Biel.  Then there is Kathy Warren who really had her name butchered “Kethy Warrren”.  Kethy?  Three R’s in Warren?